Who We Are

Choctaw Telecommunications, LLC was founded in 2012 in order to serve the wireless communications needs of industrial users.   The Company owns and operates exclusive wireless communications licenses issued to it by the Federal Communications Commission.   Choctaw regularly works with utilities, oil and gas, transportation, and similar industrial users in the United States to provide mission critical spectrum for their important voice and/or data transmissions.

Typical Choctaw customers include a large oil pipeline in Texas that needs to control its valves and sensors along hundreds of miles of operations.  This customer cannot tolerate interference from unlicensed or cellular devices, and so it relies upon exclusive spectrum from Choctaw.  In another case, railroads use Choctaw’s spectrum for control of their collision avoidance systems, known as Positive Train Control, in both highly congested urban environments, and in rural areas.

Choctaw is based in Birmingham, Alabama, with offices in Alexandria, Virginia.  We welcome third party inquiries from end users, engineering firms, and others who may need exclusive FCC spectrum to meet their internal operational requirements.   Whether its machines talking to machines over long distances, drones monitoring railroad lines, or utility workers keying up a two way radio from a bucket truck to a dispatcher, — Choctaw has you covered!