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Customers and Partners

Customers and Partners

Choctaw’s spectrum is well supported by manufacturers in various telecom industries, from broadband to Internet of Things. 
The following is a list of makers and their products:

CalAmp makes the Viper 220 radio in our band for data connectivity, including industrial IoT applications.  Please see

Cambium Networks: the Cn Reach is a data radio that works well in the spectrum owned by Choctaw.  Please see for more information.

Full Spectrum provides a broadband solution for private enterprise, including utilities, allowing speeds up to 1 Gbps on Choctaw’s spectrum.  Please see

General Electric: GE makes both an Orbit radio for dual band use and the SD-2 series radio for data connectivity.  Please see

4RF also makes data radios for SCADA, telemetry and IoT solutions in our band. for more information.

Tait Communications manufactures world-class analog and digital two-way radio solutions in Choctaw’s spectrum band.  Please see